MyHosting VPS Hosting Review & Discount

MyHosting VPS Hosting Review & Discount

Oct 30, 2013

Being considered as the best VPS of the year, MyHosting VPS hosting is strongly recommended by plenty of VPS users. To figure out whether it deserves the high reputation, we have reviewed MyHosting VPS hosting in this article based on its affordability, features, customizability, performance, reliability and technical support.

We started to host a WordPress website on this VPS platform 6 months ago, and kept supervising the site every 5 minutes. Besides, we also have hundreds of verified customer feedbacks, so this review is promised to be authentic and impartial.


Found in 1997, MyHosting is a global leading provider of first-class, affordable and reliable web hosting services like shared web hosting, VPS hosting and email hosting. The company has released 4 VPS plans ???Custom VPS, Developer VPS, Business VPS and Reseller VPS at an affordable price, designed for people who upgrade from shared web hosting service for a faster, more standalone and reliable web hosting solution.

Now, there is a discount – 20% off for all the 4 VPS packages provided by the company, with which the effective price starts at $12.76/mo. The discount is available for visitors going through this promotional link to purchase packages on a monthly basis.

We suggest our readers who have no idea which plan to choose to purchase Custom VPS, because this service is customizable, when they find their sites grow beyond the resource limitations, they can choose more resources depending on their current needs. Besides, as 30 days money back guarantee is provided by the company, customers are able to ask for a refund if they want to cancel their accounts. In this way, they can keep their websites run smoothly with the minimum cost and risk.

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Features & Customizability

MyHosting VPS hosting comes with rich features which are fully customizable, which enables customers to select the operating system between CentOS and Ubuntu, the control panel between cPanel and Plesk Panel, as well as the amount of server resources according to their site traffic requirement.

The main features of MyHosting basic Custom VPS and the price of additional resources are as below:

  • Operation System: CentOS 6 or Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Disk Space: from 20GB to 200GB, 20GB included for free, $1 per additional 20GB/mo.
  • Virtual Processors: from 8 to 16, 8 virtual processors included for free, $3 per additional one per month.
  • IP Address: from 1 to 6, 1 IP address for free, $1.4 per additional IP/mo.
  • Dedicated Memory: from 512MB to 8096MB, 512 MB for free, $2 per 512MB/mo.
  • Monthly Bandwidth: from 300GB to 3600GB, 300GB for free, $1 per extra 300GB/mo.
  • Pre-installed Backup Software for enhanced website data security.
  • Root Access for full control and access to the server.


At the beginning, we doubted the VPS plan can’t perform as well as that the company claimed, because the price is really low. Therefore, we did a test on its performance by monitoring the server of the company. According to the testing results, the server response time is 316m/s averagely, which is much better than most other cheap VPS providers’. Besides, MyHosting also ensures a fast page loading speed less than 1 second averagely.


MyHosting has 2 top-ranking collocated data centers in New York, US and Ontario, Canada, which are powered by Equinix and Earthlink and featuring state-of-the-art security, power, as well as cooling system to ensure customers’ servers are always connected. What’s more, all VPS services use the best server hardware including Dell PowerEdge servers for nearly 100% uptime in practice.

Technical Support

MyHosting offers 24×7 managed support to all the customers via phone, email and live chat. The company provides toll-free telephone numbers in 8 countries ???US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, Germany, South Africa and Turkey. With their outstanding technical support team, customers can get the phone response within 30 seconds and email response within 1 hour. In our test on the phone support, we only waited for 20 seconds to connect with one of their support representatives who answered our technical questions about the VPS service patiently and friendly, even at 4 am.

Besides, the company also offers integrated and automated full system backups, so customers can recover their sites which have been invaded or wrongly operated. In addition, the staffs are monitoring and patching the server all the time, which enables customers to run their server smoothly and stably.


Considering the affordability, rich features, amazing customizability, reliability, excellent performance and satisfying technical support, MyHosting VPS hosting is a good service for businesses and large websites. With the 30 days money back guarantee, it is absolutely risk-free for customers to purchase this service.