NameCheap VS BlueHost – VPS Hosting Comparison

NameCheap VS BlueHost – VPS Hosting Comparison

Aug 4, 2016

BlueHost is one of the most experienced web hosting companies in the industry, trusted by millions of webmasters worldwide. This company is selected in this comparison to compete against NameCheap, which is also a professional company developing various hosting services. The NameCheap vs BlueHost discusses the VPS hosting of the two hosting providers.

Price Value Comparison ???Who Offers More Affordability?

To enable more options for webmasters, NameCheap and BlueHost release various packages in a wide range of prices and resources. Both companies guarantee sufficient resource allocation of each package.

NameCheap VPS Hosting Price

NameCheap has also released 4 VPS hosting packages, starting at $19.95/mo for monthly billing term. More discounts are available for the long-term billing cycle, namely, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month. The detailed price information of NameCheap VPS hosting is shown in the following table. No special discount is available here. The selected packages in the following table are VPS 1-Xen, VPS 2-Xen and VPS 3-Xen, which are fully managed VPS hosting.

Billing VPS 1 – Xen VPS 2 – Xen VPS 3 – Xen
1 Year $26.95/mo $44.95/mo $63.95/mo
6 Months $27.95/mo $46.95/mo $65.95/mo
3 Months $28.95/mo $48.55/mo $67.95/mo
1 Month $29.95/mo $49.95/mo $69.95/mo

NameCheap declares 14-day money back guarantee, which allows customers to cancel their accounts and ask for a full refund within the first 14 days. This company believes that it is enough to test the quality and performance of server within the allotted time.

BlueHost VPS Hosting Price

BlueHost divides its VPS hosting service into 4 levels, from Standard to Ultimate, which are designed for websites in different sizes. This company prices each solution from $29.99/mo in regular. An exclusive 50% discount is now valid for webmasters who purchase a solution via this promotional link.

Note that, there are extra discounts available for the long-term subscription. In addition, the account setup and primary domain registration are free of charge.

BlueHost VPS Pricing

This company attaches great importance to 100% customer satisfaction thereby launching a guaranteed refund policy. Customers who cancel their accounts within the first 30 days can get a full refund. A prorated refund is offered to the overdue account cancellation.

Server Resource Allocation ???BlueHost Wins

The server resources of great concern are CPU cores, RAM, disk space, bandwidth and IP addresses. Both companies make a promise to allocate sufficient resources to each server. Check the evidence as below. We select the most popular solutions of NameCheap and BlueHost, namely, VPS 1 ???Xen and Enhanced.

Feature NameCheap BlueHost
Plan in Comparison VPS 1 – Xen Enhanced
CPU Cores 1 2
Storage 30GB 60GB
Bandwidth 250GB 2TB
IP Addresses 2 2
Control Panel cPanel($8/mo) cPanel(Free)
Operating System CentOS CentOS
Price $29.95/mo $29.99/mo
  • NameCheap charges webmasters $8/mo for cPanel. An extra $1.5/mo should be paid for the Softaculous Script Installer.
  • BlueHost integrates all solutions with the powerful cPanel and enables SimpleScripts 1click installer for software installation. No extras fee is needed here.

Obviously, Bluehost enables more possibilities for each solution.

Reliability & Performance Comparison

NameCheap and BlueHost both guarantee at least 99.9% uptime so as to host all websites in a reliable hosting environment. The two companies utilize US-based data centers and invest a lot on the maintenance of all infrastructures. Before making this comparison, we tested the uptime of NameCheap and BlueHost for 30 days. The statistics are shown as below.

NameCheap Uptime

BlueHost Uptime

NameCheap delivers averagely 99.93% uptime to all hosted sites and makes good on its promise. As for BlueHost, this company achieves 100% uptime in this test and provides webmasters with a reliable hosting environment assuredly.

We also test the server response time of the two companies and get a result as below. Accordingly, BlueHost performs faster than NameCheap. The technicians of two companies keep monitoring all facilities in case of a malfunction.

Technical Support Comparison

Great technical support can free webmasters from worries. As thus, NameCheap and BlueHost pay close attention to the responsiveness and efficiency of the support service.

  • NameCheap support team answers all questions via live chat and guarantees to solve problems in time. The knowledgebase includes a large number of resources for reference.
  • BlueHost enables the prompt reply to webmasters via live chat, phone and email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Multiple web hosting tutorials and beginner’s guides are available as well.

VPS Hosting Freedom

As for this aspect, we have to admit that NameCheap ensures the higher level of VPS hosting freedom than BlueHost.

With BlueHost, you can enjoy the fully managed VPS hosting. In this case, after signing up with their VPS hosting, you can focus on your website itself, editing and publishing the great web contents. As for the server related task and the installation of the control panel, BlueHost will handle them in a perfect manner.

If you choose to host your website with NameCheap, however, you can choose among three options for the VPS hosting.

  • Self-managed VPS hosting – This option costs you nothing. With it, you can get the full root access and the reboot access, as well as installing your wanted operating system and the control panel. However, other server maintenance tasks should be handled by your own.
  • Managed VPS hosting – This option costs you $30. With it, you can enjoy all the hosting freedom that is achieved by the self-managed VPS hosting. Moreover, you can save a lot of time and energy on the CentOS operating system setup and tune. In addition, the core LAMP stack features are all supported and the effective server monitoring service is ensured for the pro-active response for any issue.
  • Fully-managed VPS hosting – This option costs you $75. With it, you can enjoy the full setup and server tune for the CentOS operating system, the support for the core LAMP stack and the server monitoring. However, instead of offering the full root access to your virtually private server, the fully-managed VPS hosting provides you with the reseller level access.

Frankly speaking, NameCheap surely has ensured the much better freedom for their VPS hosting solution. In this case, you can choose the most proper one based on your needs, skills and budgets.

NameCheap VS BlueHost – Who is the Better VPS Hosting Provider?

In terms of what we’ve analyzed above, BlueHost provides webmasters with more affordability and a higher level of reliability. The fast server response time is also a strong point of this company. There is no doubt that BlueHost is worthy of the better VPS hosting provider.