NameCheap vs HostMonster – Which One Offers Better VPS Hosting Service

NameCheap vs HostMonster – Which One Offers Better VPS Hosting Service

Apr 8, 2016

This NameCheap vs HostMonster comparison is mainly for their VPS hosting solution. Surely, both of these two web hosts are the trustworthy VPS hosting providers that have been in this field for tens of years. NameCheap spreads the attention into multiple aspects such as hosting service, SSL certificate and the domain service. As for HostMonster, they only focus on offering the quality hosting service.

In fact, both of them have a large user base along with the great user satisfaction. In this case, picking up the better one between them can be a confusing task for many webmasters. Due to this situation, we’d like to start a comprehensive comparison between NameCheap and HostMonster, discussing their hosting features, performance, technical support and prices to figure out which one offers the better VPS hosting.

Before checking the detailed information for each aspect, you can firstly have a look at the below star rating chart. The result is based on the opinions of our reviewers and real users around the world.

Rating NameCheap HostMonster
Prices 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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How Can HostMonster Edge Over NameCheap

HostMonster supports for a large number of personal sites and online businesses since the year of 1996, looking to achieve the best customer service, maximum uptime, secure hosting environment, super-blazing service and many more. After comparing them with NameCheap, we have found that they do a better job for almost all the essential aspects.

More Affordable Hosting Charges

To be frank, both HostMonster and NameCheap focus on the hosting affordability and try their best to lower the hosting charges to a proper level. When comparing them, however, HostMonster is the cheaper option.

There are 4 VPS plans available with HostMonster. Regularly, you are charged starting at $29.99/mo. However, if you sign up with them by clicking through this promotional link, you can get a 50% discount that cuts the price down to $14.99/mo effectively. Even, if you decide to pick up the most powerful plan named as Ultimate, the hosting rate only starts at $59.99/mo.

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As for the VPS hosting of NameCheap, this web host also gives you 4 packages for the selection. To get them, you are charged slightly higher as compared with HostMonster, which ranges from $16.95/mo to $63.95/mo.

More Hosting Features Available

The exact allocation of server resources is critical for the proper running of a website. In this case, HostMonster tries the best to ensure the maximum allocation. NameCheap, however, lacks behind in this aspect.

To explain this part in a vivid and clear manner, we’d like to compare the basic plans of NameCheap Lite Xen and HostMonster Standard, along with a detailed comparison table.

  • With the Lite Xen plan, you can get 100 GB of monthly bandwidth, 512 MB of RAM along with another 512 MB for the sudden bursting purpose and 15 GB of disk space.
  • With the Standard plan, you can enjoy 1 TB/mo of bandwidth, 2 GB of RAM and 30 GB of disk space. In addition, you can get a free domain name along with hundreds of free advertising credits.
Features NameCheap HostMonster
Memory 512 MB 2 GB
Disk Storage 15 GB 30 GB
Monthly Transfer 100 GB 1 TB
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Fully Managed VPS Hosting for Free

The managed VPS hosting service is essential for almost all the common webmasters who are looking for the advanced hosting solution but have no idea for the server maintenance tasks. In this case, both NameCheap and HostMonster offer the fully managed service for their VPS hosting.

However, the difference is that HostMonster ensures this service for free while NameCheap charges you additional $75. Even, if you want to have the script installer and cPanel pre-configured, you need to pay extra $12.5 for each month.

Money Back Guarantee

HostMonster ensures the 30 days money back guarantee, so you can ask for the full refund if you cancel your hosting account before the first 30 days. If you cancel after this valid period, you can also ask for the pro-rated refund at any time.

NameCheap, however, only ensures the 14 days money back policy.

Better Hosting Reliability

As compared with many other aspects, the hosting reliability can be viewed as one of the top priorities. After all, if your website encounters the downtime frequently or for a long time, your online traffic, page views, search engine ranking and authority will surely be negatively affected.

In this case, both NameCheap and HostMonster try their best to ensure a high level of hosting reliability with at least 99.9% uptime. For instance, they all purchase or develop the quality web servers that come with the proper configurations, branded server parts, advanced drives and cutting-edge processors. Even, all the data centers rented by them are the industry standard ones that have all the required facilities for the power supply, climate control, security and many more.

Even, HostMonster has adopted the technology of KVM virtualization and the cloud-based OpenStack, all of which are great for the enhancement of hosting reliability. As tested in the past 3 months, HostMonster achieves a 99.98% uptime for our sample site.

NameCheap is not that excellent, but still achieves a 99.93% uptime.

Faster Server Response Speed

In addition to the uptime, HostMonster also achieves a faster server response speed as compared with NameCheap, which only consumes an average of 342 ms as we have tested using the Uptime Robot.

To ensure the peak hosting performance, HostMonster chooses to build and develop their VPS web servers from the ground up. In addition, with the freedom to activate the CloudFlare CDN via the cPanel, you can have your hosting speed boosted to a large degree with more than 60 caching points around the globe.

Better Technical Support

The efficiency of technical support directly influences the quality of the hosting solution. In this case, HostMonster ensures the 24/7 available support service that can be asked via the methods of live chat, email, ticket and hotline. Based on our personal experiences, the support representatives are truly well-trained who can resolve our issues with the professional and useful resolutions. Even, they particularly have done a great jog on their ticket support and the email support.

As for NameCheap, this web host only offers the Help Desk ticket support and the live chat support. To be frank, the lack of phone support may bring some inconveniences for webmasters encountering the emergent situations.

How Can NameCheap Edge Over HostMonster

Firstly, NameCheap ensures the great convenience for the creation and management of the online platforms. After all, you can purchase not only the VPS hosting solution, but also many other services for the security, promotion and many other aspects for your website.

In addition, as HostMonster ensures the fully managed VPS hosting by default, NameCheap gives you the enough freedom to choose among the options of unmanaged, semi-managed and fully managed solution based on your needs.

Even, HostMonster only supports the CentOS operating system and the cPanel control panel, but NameCheap also gives you some other choices for operating systems and control panels.


Now, the conclusion is pretty clear. HostMonster surely offers the better VPS hosting than NameCheap based on the aspects of affordability, overall performance, technical support, features and hosting reliability. Even, as searched among hundreds of HostMonster customers, we have found that the majority of them are highly satisfied with their VPS service, without any serious complaints.