Netfirms VPS Hosting Review & Rating

Netfirms VPS Hosting Review & Rating

Mar 4, 2015

Back in 1998, Netfirms founders has realized the opportunities in web hosting market and thus established the company. So far, the company has hosted over 1.2 million websites all over the world. People who work at Netfirms share one single goal: help webmaster get their ideas online.

21st century is a century of diversity. In order to meet customers’ differentiated needs, the company has developed several services including hosting solutions, website management, domain services and so on. But this review is mainly about its VPS hosting and is going to analyze its price, feature, performance and customer support.

Netfirms VPS Review

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    rating 2 of 5
  • Features
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  • Reliability
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For VPS plans, there are three solutions namely 512, 1024 and 2048 with the price at $33/mo, $66/mo and $100/mo. Comparing to other VPS hosting companies, Netfirms is charging a little bit higher.

Besides, you can only make payment via credit card, which is not that convenient for customers. Nowadays, most companies accept more than one payment methods, like BlueHost. But it seems that Netfirms prefers not to follow the suit. Luckily, like other companies in the industry, Netfirms gives 30 days money back guarantee.

Actually, Netfirms is working with another hosting company Spry on VPS hosting. In fact, the company itself is just selling VPS solutions from Spry instead of developing the services, from which you can figure out the strength of Netfirms. Thus, webmaster, you’d better also go visit


There are many other companies out there who providing good VPS solutions. So, this part is conducted in the form of comparison so that you can have a more comprehensive idea about Netfirms VPS services. InMotion Hosting is a well-known company in the market, so we select its primary plan VPS-1000S as an example when evaluating Netfirms.

Feature Netfirms InMotion
Plan In Comparison 512 VPS-1000S
CPU Unspecified Maximal
Storage 20GB 60GB
Bandwidth 1000GB 2TB
IPs 2 2
Root Access Yes Yes
cPanel License $10/mo Free
Price $33/mo $14.99/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Recommended

From the table above, you can notice that Netfirms is really doing poorly in features. At first, the company charges you at least $43/mo for the primary plan, which is nearly three times higher than InMotion Hosting. Second, Netfirms lags behind in basic resources such as RAM, storage and bandwidth. For VPS users, such amount of RAM, storage and bandwidth is totally unacceptable because problems will happen once their business grows larger. All in all, Netfirms is less affordable and powerful than InMotion Hosting.


featureNetfirms is about to launch a new datacenter with a capacity of 40,000 servers in Markham, Ontario. Because Netfirms has built partnership with Spry, you need also pay attention to Spry datacenter. In 2007, Spry moved its datacenter to Seattle. Besides, Spry uses the latest Dell servers so that users can enjoy fast speed. In fact, customers complain that the server response time sometimes is very slow. One of their real users reports that It even takes over 3 minutes to load this home page on some occasions.

As for reliability, Netfirms promises 99.9% uptime which is quite acceptable in the industry. Talks are simply talks. Actually, Netfirms doesn’t reach 99.9% uptime. Simply in 2014, the company had 3 outages. As for the real VPS solution provider Spry, it only performs 99.38% uptime. From 2014 to Feb, 2015, the company had 9 outages with one serious outage lasting for over 5 days. Thus, there is no such possibility that you can experience 99.9% uptime.

Customer Service

In Netfirms support center, you can find a knowledgebase and user guide if you need some information like FAQs. If you need some consultation, you can chat online with their support representatives, send emails or make phone calls. All of their customer services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In fact, Netfirms is doing poorly in customer services. According to customer reviews, their support team is not professional and sometimes they just cannot solve your problem.


According to user feedbacks, Netfirms used to be awesome, but nowadays it stinks. Based on analysis above, the company is not competitive particularly in price and performance. Thus, if you are going to host your websites on a company, we recommend some good companies below.