NetHosting Review on Cloud Hosting

NetHosting Review on Cloud Hosting

Mar 25, 2015

NetHosting was founded in 1998 by its parent company Fibernet, one of Utah’s leading IT companies. NetHosting products mainly include online marketing, SEO services, web design, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and virtual hosting.

After our study, we have rated NetHosting in price, feature, performance and support. For your better understanding, details about the four aspects will be presented below.

NetHosting Review

  • Reputation
    rating 2 of 5
  • Price
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Feature
    rating 2 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 1.5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 1.5 of 5


NetHosting provides cloud virtual hosting for your business. Depending on the amount of RAM in cloud server, the company provides four different plans: Cloud Server 1GB, Cloud Server 2GB, Cloud Server 4GB and Cloud Server 8GB.


Let’s take Cloud Server 1GB as an example for your understanding of price. If you purchase their service for 12 months, then your monthly charge would be $29.95, by which you can figure out the yearly charges would be $359.4. And there is a good news that if you can pay your yearly expenditure at one time, then you would enjoy a discount at 319.95/yr. Besides, they don’t charge any setup fees.

Considering the payment methods, NetHosting only accepts credit card and PayPal. And if you are dissatisfied with your hosting service, NetHosting provides 30 days money back guarantee.


NetHosting is committed to developing features for their hosting service. After survey, we have listed the main features of their cloud hosting. In order to make this feature table concise yet representative, we choose the primary plan Cloud Server 1GB and the medium plan Cloud Server 4GB as examples.

Feature Cloud Server 1GB Cloud Server 4GB
Disk Space 100GB 500GB
Emails Accounts 200 Unlimited
CPU 1 4
cPanel Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Bandwidth 250GB 250GB
1-click App Installer Yes Yes
Full Root Access Yes Yes
Web-based Control Panel Yes Yes
Remote Reboot Yes Yes

From the table above, we can notice that there are some weaknesses in server resource. For example, the amount of bandwidth is relatively small for cloud hosting users. Some shared web hosting providers can even support TB-level bandwidth. Besides, the 1 GB plan, at such a high price of $29.9/mo, only includes 1 CPU core. So, how can cloud hosting users expand their business in such a condition? Obviously, NetHosting is doing poorly in this part.



The company promises 100% uptime. Barely, few companies dare to make such a guarantee, which is quite risk-taking. Except the downtime caused by regular maintenance, it is hard to keep websites 100% up in this field.

In fact, according to our studies and customer reviews, NetHosting is taking its chances. Statistics show that the company had outages just like other companies in the industry. Generally, the company only has 99.81% uptime. According to their users, sometimes, websites cannot get response from the server. And their technical support staffs often take more than an hour to fix it. From the analysis above, NetHosting really needs to mind their expressions.



NetHosting defines their support as 100% commitment and around-the-clock availability. And the company is seeking for 100% customer satisfaction.You may reach them via live chat, hotline and email for technical assistance. Besides, if you want to make some comments or have any consultation, you can also get in touch with them by line or fax.

However, they don’t provide knowledgebase, blog, tutorials or forum. Sometimes, customers only need some FAQs, but they have to wait for a support staff or cost some money to make calls, which is quite frustrating.Therefore,the company needs to improve their service.


Generally speaking, NetHosting is doing relatively poorly in performance and support. And it is also a pity that their primary plans have a lot of limitations. They’d better make efforts to improve themselves so as to gain good reputation. For your better satisfaction, we recommend following companies.