Network Solutions VPS Review – Pricing, Features & Performance

Network Solutions VPS Review – Pricing, Features & Performance

Dec 13, 2014

Network Solutions is a technology company founded in 1979 and listed on NASDAQ in 1997. As a company initially engaged in providing programming services and domain registration, it has, during the past few decades, extended its business to website management, e-commerce, web hosting, online marketing, email, etc.

There is no lack of glories and controversies in the history of its development because of its monopolistic position in domain registry business in America. However, this review shall only focus on its VPS plans since this site is all about VPS. As usual, we are going to review its price, features, performance and technical support to see whether it is worth recommending.

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Network Solutions VPS Review

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Network Solutions offers two VPS plans ???VPS Essential Hosting and VPS Professional Hosting, with a starting price of $40/mo and $80/mo respectively. Billing circle ranges from one month to ten years. Of course, payments can be considerably lower with a long billing cycle. A ten-year package costs $30/mo for Essential Hosting and $60/mo for Professional Hosting. Not a competitive price anyway.

networksolutions vps hosting price

Payment can be made by PayPal or Credit Card. 30-Day Limited Money Back Guarantee is available if customers are unsatisfied with the products. Notice that the refund is less than payment which will be deducted by a domain registration fee or services associated with the products. This is understandable but not so favorable.


VPS packages are featured by full root-level access control, 512MB of RAM (able to be upgraded to 1024MB), one free domain name, free set-up, one dedicated IP, CentOS operating system, Parallels Plesk Panel, and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. These are all basic features designed to simplify the whole hosting process for users.

There are some noticeable differences between the two packages. Most of these differences are only quantitative by nature as shown in the table below.

Feature VPS Essential Hosting VPS Professional Hosting
Disk Space 10 GB 50 GB
Bandwidth 500 GB 2000 GB
Max Managed Domains 10 100
Parallels Deluxe No Yes
Emailboxes 50 200

Parallels Deluxe Software Pack is the only feature that VPS Essential Hosting doesn’t share. Basically speaking, it is an add-on to Parallels Plesk Panel that provides higher security and more support to users. Admittedly, VPS Professional Hosting is somewhat better than VPS Essential Hosting. However, neither of them is competitive on the market in terms of features.

VPS users have great demand for features like CPU core, RAM, bandwidth, dedicated IP, etc. Or they won’t choose VPS at all. Given the features of Network Solutions???VPS plans, users are very likely to find them inadequate even for small businesses. A professional VPS plan offers only 200 emailboxes, can you believe it?


networksolutions performanceWhen it comes to evaluating performance, we usually take speed and reliability into account. Unlike other web hosts, Network Solutions doesn’t specify any speed or uptime guarantee when introducing its VPS plans. It only claims that both VPS plans are powered by Parallels???technologies consisting of visualization and automation software. Simply put, these technologies enable users to customize configuration and run high traffic websites.

It’s funny that although Network Solutions does not guarantee speed or reliability, it offers a series of products for users to monitor website performance. Monitoring tools include nsProtect Safe, nsProtect Secure SSL and nsProtect Assured Site Seals. These tools can inform users of the speed, uptime and security problems of their sites by email but cannot solve the problems automatically.

Technical Support

Standard VPS Support covers the system and infrastructure that are beyond users???control but are exclusively run by the company’s technical staffs. Users can make a call or send an email to ask for free support relating to hardware issues, network issues or servers. Or they can find answers by reading tutorials or FAQs.

For those who need help for specialized tasks, they can pay for MyTime Support including transfer and update website content, troubleshooting for hosting and websites, email setup, SSL certificate installations, etc. The annual price for MyTime support stands at $199.80. An affordable price anyway.


In conclusion, VPS plans offered by Network Solutions are not recommended given its high price, inadequate features, mediocre performance and support. They seem to be too keen on making profits. But we care about your budgets as well as your needs. That’s why we’d like to share with you some other VPS hosts with better plans.