Network Solutions vs A2Hosting on VPS Hosting Service

Network Solutions vs A2Hosting on VPS Hosting Service

Apr 13, 2016

This Network Solutions vs A2Hosting comparison mainly discusses their VPS hosting solution. Surely, both of these two web hosts are the experienced and professional hosting providers that have been in this industry for tens of years. Network Solutions is a multi-purpose web host that provides various online services and products while A2Hosting focuses on ensuring the super-blazing hosting service for all the supported websites.

Without doubt, both Network Solutions and A2Hosting have their exclusive pros and cons. In this case, we have presented the detailed information, reviews and customers feedbacks of their VPS hosting, which can ease your confusion effectively when choosing between them.

Editorial Star Rating for Network Solutions and A2Hosting

Our experienced reviewers have signed up with these two web hosts 3 months ago for testing the quality of their VPS hosting service personally. Based on the real-world experiences and online monitoring for the hosting performance, we have summarized the below editorial star rating. Surely, A2Hosting gets the better rating than Network Solutions.

Rating Network Solutions A2Hosting
Prices 2 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Speed 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Uptime 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Feature 3 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 2 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars
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What They Are In Common for the VPS Hosting Solution

As for the similarity of their VPS hosting, we can conclude that both of these two web hosts have done a great job for the hosting reliability, being able to ensure you at least 99.9% uptime all the times. This can ensure the stable and satisfactory hosting experience, for no frequent and serious downtime can benefit a lot for the improvement of website traffic and search ranking.

A2Hosting, especially, has achieved a 99.99% uptime for our tested blog site. You can check the detailed uptime statistics from the following chart. The result comes from our online monitoring that starts since the beginning of this year.

To guarantee that your website can be accessed 24/7 and your web content can be checked properly, A2Hosting develops the high-quality web servers on their own for hosting your website. Each of these machines is ultra-reliable, coming with the branded components and having been tuned by a group of experts for the effective running.

In addition, A2Hosting has multiple data centers that are locate around the globe, coming with ultimate redundancy for power supply, advanced network connectivity via Level (3), Savvis and Cogent Communications, strict security measures for data center entry and video surveillance, multiple air conditioning units and many more.

As hosted by robust web servers all the times, your site can be available online without any long-lasting and frequently happened downtime.

What They Differ From Each Other for the VPS Hosting Solution

To be frank, there are plenty of differences between Network Solutions and A2Hosting. We have listed all the related aspects in the following.

VPS Hosting Plans and Charges – A2Hosting Is More Affordable

There are multiple VPS hosting plans you can choose from A2Hosting. Before picking up the exact package, you firstly need to decide whether you are looking for the managed VPS service or the unmanaged one.

If you want more hosting freedom and have enough knowledge and skills for the configuration and maintenance of your virtually private server, the installation and update of control panel and necessary software, the safeguarding for the overall security and many more, you can choose the unmanaged VPS hosting offered by A2Hosting. There are three plans available, which charge you starting at $5/mo only.

On the contrary, if you are the newcomer of VPS hosting and only want to focus on your website running, you can choose the managed option. Also, there are three packages for you to choose, which can be got starting at $32.99/mo effectively.

Here, we have to note that the cheap rates of A2Hosting VPS plans are available only when you sign up through this promotional link, which can give you a 34% discount.

A2Hosting Promotion Link Activation

As for Network Solutions, this web host only releases two VPS hosting plans, which charge you at the prices of $40 and $80 for each month no matter which billing cycle you choose.

Server Resources and Hosting Features – A2Hosting Is More Generous

The allocation of server resources plays a vital role on the proper running of your site, such as how many contents you can upload to your site and how many visitors your website can handle for each month.

A2Hosting ensures ample volumes of RAM, server storage and monthly bandwidth for their managed VPS plans, which starts from 4 GB of RAM, 75 GB of storage and 2 TB of monthly bandwidth. Even their unmanaged VPS packages ensure the sufficient server resources and we’ll discuss this part later.

When it comes to the server offerings of Network Solutions, however, their allocation is far less than the allocation of A2Hosting. Even their advanced Professional plan only allows 1 GB of RAM, 50 GB of storage and 2000 GB of bandwidth.

Features Network Solutions A2Hosting
Plans Professional Power+
Disk Space 50 GB 75 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 2000 GB 2 TB
Charges $80.00/mo $32.99/mo
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In addition to the server resources, A2Hosting also offers a lot of add-on features that Network Solutions lacks. For instance, you can get free advertising credits that allow the easy online promotion of your site, free website builder that helps you set up and run your site with the great efficiency, anytime money back guarantee that allows you ask for a refund no matter when you terminate the VPS hosting account.

Freedom and Hosting Usability – A2Hosting Is Better

One of the highlights of A2Hosting is that they give you enough freedom to design the perfect VPS. Here, we mean you are allowed to decide the exact volumes of server space, bandwidth, CPU cores and memory of your hosting plan and pay for what you require only.

Note that you can get this kind of freedom from A2Hosting unmanaged VPS hosting, which gives you at least 20 GB of storage, 1 CPU core, 512 MB of memory and 2 TB of data transfer by default.

Even, the unmanaged VPS hosting allows you to choose the operating system among 10 options, decide the server location among 3 available data centers and determine whether to install the cPanel and Softaculous in advance.

With Network Solutions, however, everything is fixed. Thus, it is possible that you may spend extra money or may fail to get the enough resources to support your site.

As for the usability, A2Hosting also wins over Network Solutions by offering the cPanel control panel. With its easy interface, clear menu and graphical icons, you can control everything with ease. Network Solutions also offers the branded control panel – Parallels Plesk Panel. As compared with the cPanel, this one is less user-friendly.

Hosting Performance – A2Hosting Is Faster

We have monitored their hosting performance for a long time. According to the final reports, A2Hosting is 100% faster than Network Solutions that only requires around 397 ms for server response.

The fast speed is contributed by their rock-solid servers, cutting-edge server spaces and advanced technologies, such as SSD with RAID 10 arrays, Turbo Caching, exclusive A2 Optimization for scripts, Performance Plus, CloudFlare CDN, Railgun Optimizer and many more.

Technical Support – A2Hosting Allows More Support Channels

With A2Hosting, you can get the 24/7 technical support by calling their support team, sending them the email messages, starting the live chat and opening a ticket. As tried personally, all of these support channels can ensure the efficient troubleshooting.

With Network Solutions, however, you can only get the phone support all the times. The live chat support is not available and the email support is only valid for the issues of e-commerce, SSL and general inquiries.

Services Other Than VPS Hosting – Network Solutions Gives More Options

Unlike A2Hosting that focuses on the hosting solution only, Network Solutions offers various services for the easy and effective running of your site, such as the domain registration and transfer service, website creation tools, email management, SSL certificates, web marketing, website design and many more.


Surely, A2Hosting offers the better VPS hosting than Network Solutions. In addition, this web host has a great industry reputation among their real customers. Check how people view them from the following customer review chart.