OVH VS Linode – VPS Hosting Comparison & Rating

OVH VS Linode – VPS Hosting Comparison & Rating

Mar 1, 2015

Early in 1999, OVH founders realized the potential needs in web hosting market. With determination and efforts, they built OVH from bare hands. After 15 years, OVH now becomes a leading web hosting provider in Europe. And they target at medium-size and large companies, according to which they mainly provide VPS, dedicated servers and cloud hosting.

Comparing to OVH, Linode is a younger company. Born in 2003, the company has its headquarters in Galloway, New Jersey. Linode differs from other companies because they only provide VPS solutions for customers.

This comparison is about their VPS plans. Based on their price, feature, performance and technical support, details will be presented step by step.


priceOVH has two categories for VPS hosting: VPS Classic and VPS Cloud, but VPS Classic is as cheap as shared hosting and it also has weaknesses in features. Thus, we choose VPS Cloud as a representative. There are four plans under VPS Cloud with the price at $14.99/mo, $22.99/mo, $44.99/mo and $89.99/mo respectively.

As for Linode, there are 9 options in total. Price of the former five plans is commonly seen in the industry while the latter four plans are too expensive with the highest charge at $960/mo. And their primary plan is at $10/mo.

As for payment methods, Linode only accepts credit cards while OVH has more options such as PayPal, checks and bank transfer. In terms of money back guarantee, OVH doesn’t provide any guarantee which would definitely despair their potential customers. And Linode only promises seven days refund for any reason. Comparing to other hosting providers, both companies perform poorly.


Features are the basis for VPS service, so when customers choose one VPS solution, features are the first things to think about. In order to provide more complete information, we have selected another VPS provider InMotion for comparison.

Feature OVH Linode InMotion
Plan In Comparison VPS Cloud 1 Linode2GB VPS-1000S
Fully Managed Yes Unmanaged Yes
CPU 2 Cores 2 Cores 2 Cores
Bandwidth 100,000GB 3TB 2TB
Storage 25GB 48GB 60GB
IP Addresses 2 1 2
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Backup $13.99/mo $5/mo Free
Money Back Guarantee N/A $5/mo 90 Days
Price $14.99/mo $20/mo $14.99/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Not Recommended Recommended

From the table above, you can notice that at the same price at $14.99/mo, InMotion has larger amount of RAM and storage. Also, InMotion doesn’t charge for any setup fees and provides 90 days money back guarantee. All in all, InMotion is more cheaper, powerful and less worry-free judging by features.

As for Linode and InMotion, Linode charges higher than InMotion while it doesn’t show any obvious advantages over features. On the contrary, InMotion has larger amount of RAM and storage. In addition to that, Linode VPS solutions are unmanaged plans. For managed plans, you need to pay extra fees. So, InMotion wins.


performanceOVH holds them as a technology-based provider. The company has built 15 data centers in the world so as to cover all their users in the globe and provide them reliable connection to the server. Besides, the company also has invested a lot on their network. But the company focuses on Europe while few cities are covered in America and Asia.

Based on their data centers and network, the company gives 99.99% uptime guarantee which is quite appealing for web hosting users. At 99.99% uptime, you are almost free from downtimes. However, the reality says differently. In the past year, OVH had three outages at least and customers have also reported some serious outages.

As for Linode, you cannot find much information about their server or data center. Things are messed up on their official website. The only concise and clear information is that they promise 99.9% uptime which is the industry-prevailing standard. But after viewing their customer feedbacks and data monitored by the third-party, they only perform 99.84% uptime actually. According to customer feedbacks, Linode also had serious outages in the last year.

Technical Support

supportBoth companies support email and phone when you need any help. No live chat is available with them, which is quite inconvenient for consultation. Sometimes, calls are expensive while emails are time-consuming, so either of the communication channels is satisfying. By the way, Linode has developed a support channel named Linode IRC. IRC is similar to live chat, but it is conducted by group chat.

Based on customer reviews and our survey, both companies have one shared weaknesses: low-efficiency. Sometimes, you only receive some relies which cannot solve the reported issues.

Even worse, OVH has made it clear that customers are supposed to bear the responsibility to report issues; otherwise, they won’t pay for your loss caused by delay of reporting. This term of service shows that OVH is not proactive for technical support and would definitely slow down their efficiency.


All in all, both companies are not competitive over VPS solutions. There are many hidden charges, which directly increase your budget burden. In addition, their features cannot stand out either. Thus, we recommend some better companies for VPS solutions.