PhotonVPS Review

PhotonVPS Review

Jun 11, 2014

PhotonVPS devotes itself to offer both Linux and Windows VPS hosting. To help readers understand whether this company is worth choosing to host their websites, we have made this comprehensive review about its price, features, performance and technical support.

Since providing VPS hosting from 2008, this company has served numerous websites in the world. According to the customer reviews and our real experience, we conclude its overall rating as the chart below.


CashPhotonVPS offers both Linux and Windows VPS hosting coming with high performance distributed SAN backed by SSD, which regularly start from $5.95/mo and $10.95/mo. For its Linux web hosting, customers need to pay extra fee to purchase the cPanel, Plesk or DrectAdmin that are priced at $12/mo, $12/mo and $6/mo respectively. If people choose the Windows hosting, they need to pay extra $12/mo for Plesk. Note that it supports PayPal, credit card and alipay to help customers pay of the service conveniently.

With those add-on fees, webmasters need to pay about $20/mo for its VPS hosting, which is much more expensive than some other VPS hosting. However, there are still some reliable hosting providers offering affordable VPS hosting, like A2Hosting. A2Hosting offers a 35% discount using this exclusive promotional link, and the discounted price is only starting at $9.9/mo.

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To make sure that webmasters can run their websites well, PhotonVPS provides them with rich features. In addition to abundant disk space and bandwidth, this company also offers enough dedicated RAM and dedicated cores.Besides, all the packages include 100Mbit port speed that is not shared with other users. We list more features in the following table to help readers get more information clearly.

Feature Linux SSD-X Windows SSD X
CPU Core 1 1
Dedicated RAM 512MB 512MB
Disk Space 10GB 10GB
Bandwidth 2000GB 2000GB
IP 1 1
Plesk $12/mo N/A
cPanel $12/mo N/A
DirectAdmin $6/mo N/A
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
Price $5.95/mo $10.95/mo

All of the PhotonVPS don’t include control panels like cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin. You must know the shell commands for server management and maintenace via SSH.


PhotonVPS co-locate a data center in Los Angeles, which consists of premium hardware and network. The data center benefits from a powerful electrical and HVAC infrastructure and telecom access. With the prominent technologies, it shall guarantee a good uptime record so that all the hosted websites barely suffer downtime.

According to editors’ insight, it’s impossible to well control customer amount on a physical server for profit considering the very cheap offers. Compared with other famous and large branded companies, as a very new brand launched at the beginning of 2014, PhotonVPS has no advantage on facility cost and technology, except overselling the VPS nodes and costing down on the technical support. With more and more accounts sold, we bet that the reliability and performance will become a very serious issue.

Technical Support

Technical SupportTechnical support is important in web hosting field, and is the main cost on operating a company especiall in US. When you have an issue, we bet you don’t want to wait for tens of hours to get it addressed.

We know PhotonVPS offers technical support via telephone and email, but the technical support is not really good according to our research. Whenever we dial into their support line, there always needs a long time to get talked with the same person. We highly suspects that this company is operated by 2 or 3 people.

Meanwhile, our editors have found some negative customer voice in hosting community such as, said:

Last 4 day, one of my vps was hacked, and I ask the support to help me re-install the VPS with Cpanel and do the PhotonLockDown, after waiting for more than 36 hours, no reply! Woundering is it too hard for them to re-install a vps?


Based on this in-depth review, we can conclude that PhotonVPS has many priorities on its VPS hosting including rich features and cheap pricing tag. However, all of them are based on over-selling which may lead poor hosting uptime, bad performance and no support. For readers who are searching for an cheap VPS hosting plan, we sincerely don’t recommend this company.

At last, our editors recommend 2 reliable VPS hosting providers – BlueHost for managed VPS hosting and A2Hosting for unmanaged VPS hosting, as well as InMotion Hosting All of them aim at offering best VPS hosting solutions with an affordable rate. Compared with cheap and unmanaged VPS hosting, managed VPS includes the easy-to-use cPanel/WHM ($425/yr valued) as well as operation services like automated backup, upgrade, security protection, etc, read more here.