RamNode Review on the VPS Hosting Plans

RamNode Review on the VPS Hosting Plans

Feb 10, 2015

RamNode was founded in 2012, USA. As a newly-born company, the company targets at providing customers affordable VPS service with powerful features. The company used to host on other companies, through which they truly understand what their customers need. Based on their experience as both customer and provider, the company attaches great importance to develop their hosting performance, support team, hardware and network.


Price For VPS service, the company now is available for three plans: Premium, Standard and Massive. Based on different amount of RAM, each plan has several sub-plans. In total, there are 21 choices ahead of you. Although there are many options for you, some of their plans are obviously poor in disk space. The amount of storage for Premium 256MB SKVM, 512MB SKVM and 1024MB SKVM is smaller than 30GB, which is apparently limited under VPS condition.

Therefore, we choose plans with larger storage than 30GB as examples to introduce their price. Take the primary plan Premium as an example. There are three plans which meets the requirement of storage, they are Premium 2048MB SKVM, Premium 3072MB SKVM and Premium 4096MB SKVM. And the company rates them at $28/mo, $42/mo and $56/mo respectively.

When you make your payment, you can choose PayPal and credit card. It is frustrating that the company doesn’t give you any money back guarantee and they only have a 3-day refund policy. Only three days, it is hard to evaluate their service quality. Once you figure out that their hosting performance cannot meet your requirements, in most cases, you are out of three-day refund period. Thus, think twice before you make your decision.


In general, other leading VPS providers such as BlueHost rate their primary solutions at about $30/mo, thus, we choose a similar plan Premium 2048MB SKVM as example for feature presentation.

Feature Premium 2048MB SKVM Premium 3072MB SKVM
Price $28/mo $42/mo
CPU 4 Cores 4 Cores
IPv4 1 1
Bandwidth 4000GB 4500GB
cPanel $13/mo $13/mo

Although the company offers you cPanel, it is not included in your plan. So, you have no choice but to pay for its indispensable source, which definitely increase your budget.

As a newly-born company, RamNode barely provides you any information about their VPS features. Except features listed above, other information is unspecified. Given the stated features, there are still some disadvantages, such as the amount of RAM and bandwidth. Comparing to its peers, RamNode really performs poorly in VPS features.


s of the most important factor for web hosting service, uptime can be very crucial. As for RamNode, you can find an uptime guarantee at 99.9% in their knowledgebase.

However, in fact, their performance in uptime is far from satisfaction. According to recorded data, outages occur from time to time. And there are lots of complaints about downtimes.

As for speed, the company uses tier-1 network and I/O with RAID 10 SSD storage to provide fast speed for their users. But their actual performance is poor. According to customer feedbacks, sometimes the server response is very slow.


Support The company provides 24×7 customer support. You may refer to their support team. However, you can find no contact information on their official website.

There is no live chat, no phone number and no email address. You can only submit a support ticket for help. For other information, there is a knowledgebase available for some FAQs.

Customers report that it often takes a long time to get their problems solved and some of those replies are not helpful at all.


All in all, the company has obvious weaknesses in feature, performance and customer support. With only two-year operation, RamNode has a lot to improve. For better choices, we recommend some well-performed companies.