RamNode VS Linode ???Comprehensive VPS Analysis & Comparison

RamNode VS Linode ???Comprehensive VPS Analysis & Comparison

Jan 10, 2015

RamNode headquarters in Atlanta and is a start-up firm which is backed up by a small team of individuals. Linode, found in 2003, is a fast-growing company which sets a goal to re-define the cloud hosting market.

Both of RamNode and Linode specialize in VPS hosting, but so far they still remain to be unfamiliar for most people, be newbies or computer geeks. To help webmasters who get lost in face of RamNode and Linode, we would like to have an in-depth comparison between the two VPS hosting solutions from several essential aspects like price, support and features, etc.

Rating RamNode Linode
Reputation 3 of 5 3 of 5
Feature 4 of 5 3.5 of 5
Speed 3 of 5 3 of 5
Reliability 3.5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Tech Support 3 of 5 3.5 of 5
Conclusion Not Recommended Not Recommended

Pricing & Refund Policy

To cover webmasters’ demands as possible, RamNode has released two major VPS hosting solutions which include OpenVZ SSD and KVM SSD. Note that the former solution is a little bit cheaper than the latter one and consists of 20 packages ranging from 128MB SVZ to 8192MB CVZ. For pricing policy, the mentioned packages charge from $1.25/mo to $80/mo. Besides, there is extra $13/mo for the availability of cPanel. Taking total fees into consideration, RamNode is far from affordability.

RamNode VS LinodeComparatively, Linode has launched four optional plans, including Linode 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. To make its service flexible as possible, this company charges each plan either hourly or monthly. On a monthly payment basis, this web host rates the above plans at $10/mo, $20/mo, $40/mo and $80/mo. On the other hand, it charges each plan for $0.015/hr, $0.03/hr, $0.06 and $0.12/hr in sequence.

On the downside, neither of RamNode and linode promises a risk-free and long-term money back guarantee. In details, RamNode and Linode clients are only allowed to ask for a refund within the first three and seven days of the sign-up respectively, which is definitely not enough to try out the service. Note that domain registrations and third-party licenses are 100% non-refundable.

Control Panel & Hosting Features

As is known, a multi-functional and user-friendly control panel can eliminate hassles and troubles in managing hosting related stuffs. At this rate, Linode takes advantage of its self-developed control panel which is proved to less-customizable than the first-rated cPanel. As for RamNode, it supplies cPanel admin panel as an add-on service which isn’t offered for free.

It is the hosting features that set apart the average from the exceptional. To have a quick and clear look at the core features of RamNode and Linode, we make out a well-organized table by picking the 1024MB SVZ and the Linode 2GB plans from the mentioned two companies to compare with the award-winning hosting provider ???BlueHost.

Features RamNode Linode BlueHost
Plan in Review 1024MB SVZ Linode 2GB Enhanced
Storage 75 GB 24 GB 60 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 3000 GB 2 TB 2 TB
RAM 1024 MB 1 GB 4 GB
CPU Core(s) 4 1 2
IP Address(es) 1 1 2
Refund Guarantee 3 Days 7 Days Anytime
Regular Price $10/mo $20/mo $59.99/mo
Discount N/A N/A 50%
Sale Price $10/mo $20/mo $29.99/mo
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Reliability & Performance

To attract webmasters’ concerns and attentions, both of RamNode and Linode promise a minimum of 99.9% uptime for server availability. However, there is no clear clue for the two companies’ network facilities, which is doubtful and unbelievable. As a matter of fact, the real network uptime of two hosting companies is barely satisfying based on our monitoring result in the last several months.

To get the actual response speed of RamNode and Linode, we have used the powerful Pingdom speed testing tool to run speed tests on their servers over a period of one month. As a result, we are astounded to find that neither of their loading time is up to the mark and far behind some widely-acknowledged companies like BlueHost whose response time is only 320ms as follows.

Customer Support

RamNode VS LinodeRamNode sets its mission to provide the best user experience as possible, but it lacks the most useful and efficient contact method of phone call. Instead, this company supports customer support through Skype, Twitter and ticket system, which is also inconvenient and troublesome. Even worse, it allows unhappy clients to spell out their dissatisfaction through an email address which turns to be non-existent.

On the positive side, Linode provides anxious customers with phone call, IRC chat and email system methods. However, according the gathered feedbacks, this hosting provider has been said to help users create online ticket, but put them into a long queue. And it takes tens of days to hear back from their on-line technical employees.

Final Verdict ???Neither of RamNode and Linode is Recommendable

From our profound comparison between RamNode and Linode, we can evidently find that neither of them is recommendable for webmasters who are hoping for a powerful, helpful and high-performance VPS hosting solution. In this case, we highly recommend you give the following alternatives a try.