ServInt Review ???How About ServInt Managed VPS Hosting

ServInt Review ???How About ServInt Managed VPS Hosting

Dec 5, 2015

In this ServInt review, we would like to make an analysis of ServInt cloud VPS hosting, which helps readers decide whether to host websites with this company. Foremost, a brief introduction of ServInt makes it clear on the history and reputation of this web host. And then, the detailed information of VPS hosting price, support service and performance is covered in this review as well.

Who is ServInt? ???Company History & Reputation

ServInt is an old brand in this field and goes about serving the first client since 1995. This company consists of many veterans of the IT industry. Reed Caldwell is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ServInt, leading all employees to release high-quality VPS hosting and dedicated servers to webmasters. The passion of doing everything good for customers keeps all members going.

Having had a rough idea about the history of ServInt, readers may be curious about the real customer reviews to this company. According to a collection of over 100 reviews, we find that ServInt receives both praises and criticisms. Some customers think highly of this web host because of rich server resources, perfect uptime and great technical support. However, the others are of opposite opinions.

ServInt Enables Full Scalability on VPS Hosting

To satisfy the needs of different websites, ServInt releases both Flex VPS and Cloud VPS with a wide range of prices and resources. That allows users to customize their servers in a flexible way.

ServInt Flex VPS

ServInt Flex VPS includes an array of solutions that are classified into three levels, including Multi-Tenant Hardware ($55/mo~$135/mo), 2-Tenant Hardware ($149/mo~$189/mo) and Single-Tenant Hardware ($199/mo~$799/mo). The price is valid for monthly billing term. This company now launches 5% and 10% discounts for 6-month and 12-month subscriptions to engage more customers.

ServInt Review Flex VPS

The CPU core is not guaranteed for all packages with multi-tenant hardware. The other solutions are allocated with up to 20 Intel Xeon CPU cores. Besides, each Flex VPS plan includes at least 1.5GB RAM, 60GB RAID 10 storage and 8TB bandwidth. More advanced features are listed as below.

  • RAID allows the store of redundant copies of data.
  • Free R1Soft Backup service protects all data from losing.
  • cPanel control panel helps webmasters create a site with ease.
  • 2 IP addresses are available for each account.
  • CentOS 6×6.4 bit and 100 Mbps dedicated network uplink.

Webmasters are allowed to purchase extra resources if needed. That includes updated versions of CentOS, extra IP addresses, Softaculous, WHMCS, etc.

ServInt Cloud VPS

ServInt integrates each Cloud VPS hosting solution with scalable SSD cloud technology. A series of plans are included in two levels, namely, Multi-Tenant Hardware ($69/mo~$189/mo) and Single-Tenant Hardware ($299/mo~$974/mo). An up to 10% discount is available for a 6/12-month billing cycle. All servers include rich resources.

ServInt Review Cloud VPS

As for Cloud VPS solutions with multi-tenant hardware, at least 0.7 Intel Xeon CPU cores, 3GB RAM, 50GB storage and 6TB bandwidth are guaranteed. If there is need to utilize cPanel, webmasters have to pay an extra $10/mo. The CentOS 6×6.4 bit and free R1Soft Backups are included.

The Cloud VPS plans with single-tenant hardware enable more possibilities. Each server is allocated with over Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 60GB storage and 10TB bandwidth. Customers should pay extra money for cPanel, WHMCS and NEWEDGE ClientExec if needed.

VPS Hosting Reliability and Speed

ServInt utilizes three data centers, located in Reston, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. This company guarantees at least 99.9% uptime to websites hosted in America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia/Pacific Rim, Australia, and so on. If there is no idea about how to select a data center, webmasters are able to contact support staffs to make a decision. Each data center is equipped with advanced technologies.

  • Advanced multi-phase power redundancy
  • High-quality cooling system
  • 24×7 security monitoring
  • Backup power generators
  • Fire suppression

According to a long-term test for ServInt uptime, we get a conclusion as below. This company achieves 99.84% uptime on average and suffers dozens of outages.

ServInt VPS Uptime

Since each server is powered by Intel Xeon CPU, Smart Speed, 100 Mbps dedicated network uplink and some other advanced technologies, ServInt can deliver fast speed to each website. Based on a speed test on the data center located in Los Angeles, CA, we find that ServInt has done a great job in this case.

ServInt Speed Test

Responsiveness of ServInt Technical Support

ServInt guarantees responsive support services for pre-sales support, turn-up support and continuing support. This company promises to solve any problems as soon as possible. The requests can be anything as needed, like product consultations, website security updates, system monitoring, etc. The live chat, ticket system and email are available 24/7/365.

To test the responsiveness of ServInt technical support, we ask for help via live chat and cannot get a reply indeed. Once clicking the live chat button, we submit a question and then get a message said “Thank you. Your message has been sent”. After 30 minutes later, no reply is available for us. The live chat is unresponsive, let alone other communication channels.

ServInt Live Chat Screenshot

ServInt Review ???Final Thought

ServInt releases multiple choices for different websites, coming with full flexibility and scalability. Each server comes with rich resources and advanced technologies. However, for some webmasters with tight budgets, ServInt VPS hosting is not a good option because of its expensive price. The following companies offer fast and quality VPS hosting services with affordable price.