Site5 VPS Hosting Review & Secret Unveiled

Site5 VPS Hosting Review & Secret Unveiled

Oct 6, 2014

Site5 was launched by Matt Lightner and Rod Armstrong early in 1998 in California. It has been engaged in web hosting for more than a decade and has gained a good reputation both at home and abroad. It is especially famous for its VPS products.

Currently, it offers three major types of VPS ???Fully Managed VPS, Unmanaged VPS and Cloud VPS. Its Fully Managed VPS consists of 10 plans which vary a great deal in terms of price and features. This review shall be focusing on its Fully Managed VPS only since this is the most common type available in most web hosts.

Price and Features

Site5 is known for its high price. Payment for VPS alone ranges from $55/mo to $700/mo. The total price for a full package with control panel included starts from $65/mo and goes all the way up to $710/mo. Obviously, this is not affordable or acceptable for everyone. Whether the price is reasonable, we need to take a look at the features included in these plans.

Due to limited space, only three plans are selected here. They are VPS2, VPS6 and VPS11, respectively standing for the lowest price, moderate price and highest price. You can make a choice according to your needs and budgets.

Resource VPS2 VPS6 VPS11
CPU Cores 2 4 16
RAM 1 GB 4 GB 20 GB
Disk Space 50 GB/td>

200 GB 1,000 GB
Bandwidth 800 GB 3 TB 7 TB
Price $72/mo $205/mo $835/mo

Apart from these differences, all VPS plans are integrated with the following features: 100% dedicated resources, “No Worry” Full Management, Xen based VPS technology, VPS Reseller hosting, Remote Backups, RAID 10 storage, E-commerce features, Server Hardware Specs, MySQL database, etc. You have access to many tools to manage your website.

As for the control panel, users may choose either cPanel/WHM or SiteAdmin. The former is standard cPanel while the latter is developed by Site5’s own engineering team. Both are useful in making your website easy to navigate.


In most cases, performance matters most to VPS users because they may use it to develop large websites or to do reselling business. They pay a high price and they expect high quality performance. In this regard, Site5 takes pride in its fast and reliable VPS plans.

It has servers located in 22 cities around the global. This is fantastic! No matter where you are, you can always choose the nearest server. This is a guarantee for speed because the data don’t need to go a long way. For example, if your target visitors live in Hong Kong, you can choose a server located in Hong Kong directly instead of somewhere outside China. In this way, your website can load faster and will definitely attract more visitors.

site5 performance

All VPS plans have Remote Backups which store 30 days worth of snapshots. During this period, everything on your VPS is backed up and can be restored. Don’t worry about a sudden breakdown or losing data. What’s more, these Remote Backups are located on large SAN system within the same data center. This allows for the quickest restoration possible. Of course, such a miracle worker is not for free.

Technical Support

Site5 VPS users are promised to get informative and responsive support the moment they purchase its plans. Their technical support is available 24/7 by means of live chat, phone and email. Leave a message to their sales engineer and they will reply at a time convenient for you.

In addition, you have access to many other resources which may help you solve possible problems. For instance, well-organized video tutorials, Knowledge Base, Q&A, Backstage, Official Maintenance and Outage Notices, Site5 News and Ramblings. Just enjoy all the privileges you pay for.


To sum up, Site5’S Fully Managed VPS plans are characterized by excellent features and technical support. They promise stable and reliable performance, considerate and professional support. Judged by its customer reviews, Site5 do honors its promise. However, given its high price, we suggest you think twice before taking it.

At last, you should know that not all VPS plans are so costly. Here are some cost-effective VPS plans we have carefully chosen for you. More options, better decisions.