StartLogic Review ???How About StartLogic VPS Hosting

StartLogic Review ???How About StartLogic VPS Hosting

Sep 8, 2015

Having been in this field for many years, StartLogic has accumulated rich experience on how to cater to webmasters. This company releases diversified hosting products to satisfy the needs of various websites, in terms of shared web hosting and VPS servers. This review is made to reveal the secret of StartLogic VPS hosting.

StartLogic Review on Company Reputation

With a collection of real customer reviews to StartLogic, we find that quite a number of customers don’t wish to trust this company anymore due to the serious security problems, a series of intricate issues and bad support. The others think that this company is not bad and worth a try. Here come some typical reviews to this company.

StartLogic Customer Reviews

The mixed customer reviews get many webmasters confused about whether StartLogic is worth going. Go on with the following review on price, server resources, performance and support service to find an answer.

What’s in Each VPS Server?

StartLogic has three VPS hosting solutions with a great variety of resources. Each solution is available for 3/6/12-month billing cycle. Note that, all solutions are not available for the monthly billing cycle. Check detailed price information of all servers as below.

Plans and Prices

  • Logic – This VSP server is starting at $29.99/mo and that is valid for the yearly subscription. The service is pricing at $98.85 per quarter while that is $197.7 for every 6 months. This solution is also valid for 24-month billing term, $647.78 billed every 24 months.
  • LogicPro ???This VPS server is starting at $39.99/mo, valid for the yearly subscription. Webmasters should pay $131.85 and $263.70 for the quarterly and semi-annually billing cycles.
  • LogicPremium ???This VPS server is starting at $49.99/mo for the yearly billing term. That is pricing at $164.85 per quarter and $329.7 for 6 months.

The 30-day money back is valid for all solutions and that makes the service worry-free. Besides, both PayPal and credit card are used to complete the payment.

Extra Fees

In addition to the price information mentioned above, here comes a list of extra fees for each server. That makes each solution far more expensive that other cheap VPS hosting companies, like BlueHost, JustHost and HostGator.

  • $30 Setup ???When purchasing a server for 3 months, customers have to pay an extra $30 for account setup.
  • $16.99/year Domain Registration ???No free domain name is available here. Webmasters need to pay an extra $16.99/year if there is a need to register a new domain on StartLogic.

Server Resources

StartLogic allocates enough resources to each server, which can meet the needs of most websites. Each server includes one IP address and allows webmasters to host unlimited websites on one account.

Feature Logic LogicPro LogicPremium
Disk Space 20GB 40GB 60GB
Bandwidth 1TB 1.5TB 2TB
Memory 1GB 1.5GB 2GB
Operating System Linux OS Linux OS Linux OS
Virtualization Software OpenVZ OpenVZ OpenVZ
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Price $29.99/mo $39.99/mo $49.99/mo

The Real Experience on StartLogic Technical Support

Before making this review, we are confused about which control panel is included in each VPS server. We ask for help from StartLogic support team via live chat and get an answer within 10 seconds. That is responsive support service indeed. The support staff is friendly and patient to answer all our requests one by one.

In addition to online chat, webmaster can also get valid solutions through phone and ticket system. Quite a number of hosting resources are included in StartLogic Help Center, which deliver useful tips to both beginners and experienced webmasters.

VPS Hosting Reliability and Speed

StartLogic utilizes US-based data center located in Phoenix, Ariz. The commitment of this company is to deliver at least 99.9% uptime to each website. Some advanced technologies, like UPS backup, redundant power supply and HAVC temperature control ensure continuous power supply for each server.

The use of 24×7 monitoring system, smoke detection system and fire suppression system eliminates any hidden danger in a timely manner. In this situation, this company can provide each hosted site with a reliable environment. Accordingly, the websites hosted on StartLogic can get excellent uptime on average.

StartLogic Review on Uptime

We also test the response time for each server and get a result as below. StartLogic achieves faster speed than many competitors. That can meet the needs of most webmasters.

StartLogic Speed Test

Final Thought ???StartLogic Review

StartLogic has launched three VPS servers with rich resources, powerful control panel and advanced features. Besides, this company can also deliver excellent uptime and speed to each hosted website. Although the starting price for each server is acceptable for most webmasters, the add-on fees increase the expense a lot.

For the need of saving budgets, the following companies should be taken into account, which offer the best VPS hosting services without any hidden fee.