VPS Hosting Review & Tutorial – Top 10 Factors on Choosing a VPS

VPS Hosting Review & Tutorial – Top 10 Factors on Choosing a VPS

Oct 13, 2013

The goal of our review is just to make you have a better understanding of VPS hosting and give you some advices which can help you make an easy decision. Based on our experience, we have concluded top 10 vital factors on choosing a VPS hosting. In the following article, I’d like to list them out in details.

Overall Review

VPS is the shortage of Virtual Private Server. Just as its name implied, VPS offers the features of a dedicated server in the form of virtual computers for lots of customers to share, so in fact, it provides a kind of combination of dedicated and shared resources. That means you still share system resources such as RAM and CPU with other users, but every individual user is only allowed to use a virtually dedicated resources, which has been assigned and available only to him or her. So in this way we can say each virtual server actually just acts as a dedicated server.

Why Using VPS?

Virtual Private Server is accepted by more and more people. Because when refers to VPS, lots of benefits can be remembered. With VPS,

  • Guaranteed resources.
    With a fixed number of resource on the system is assigned, you would not be bothered by other neighbors and you can expect an uninterrupted reliability. Additionally, the guaranteed resources also ensure your website grow to a bigger size than using a shared web hosting.
  • Powerful performance and reliability can be guaranteed.
    The dedicated resources are full enough to ensure a very fast loading speed for your website. Without any other users’ impact, your website is also guaranteed to be up and running all the time.
  • Free software installation.
    Full control is not only for dedicated hosting anymore, it comes with VPS hosting also. With virtual private server, you can not only choose control panel as you like, but also you can make any kinds of software installation to the server.

Factors on Choosing a VPS

Using VPS just likes having gotten a guarantee of the performance and reliability of your websites. However, when choosing a VPS hosting provider and plan, you also need to consider many factors. The following items are the top 10 factors based on our real VPS hosting experiences.

NO.1 Company reputation

Company reputation plays an important role when you finally make a decision. It really reflects the quality of a web host sometimes. Therefore, finding customer voices and searching negative reviews of a company over the Internet is an important step to make sure the service quality you will receive later. There are tons of hosting review sites, besides us, we also recommend you reading through this site in choosing a reliable VPS.


RAM is supposed to run the operating system and server in VPS hosting, so it is very important to choose a right number to go. Normally, we recommend you to choose at least 1GB RAM to ensure a good performance – enough running all the OS, software and websites.

NO.3 Bandwidth

Bandwidth is always mentioned when coming to choose a web host. Nowadays most of web hosts all offer unlimited bandwidth for shared hosting, so at first you should know what unlimited really means. It is not really “unlimited”, just guarantees the bandwidth they provide can already meet your needs in the most conditions.

However, for VPS hosting, most web hosts usually give out a specific amount. The minimum of bandwidth needed depends on the amount and type of the traffic you have. Therefore, 300GB/month is a minimum number for a web page based website, and 1000GB/month is a minimum number for a file or photo based website.

NO.4 Managed or Unmanaged

VPS hosting is divided into managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. Unmanaged VPS offers root access so that you have to take care of your websites by yourself. If you are not familiar with the system or lack of technical knowledge on server maintenance and security, you may encounter many issues in practice. This type VPS plan is cheaper than the other, but it is only suitable to the experienced users.

As for the normal users, we recommend managed VPS as it provides technical support of live chat, toll-free telephone and email at 24X7. Such kind of support guarantees that you can address the issues when you fall into difficulties.

NO.5 Server uptime guarantee

Uptime affects performance of a web host. Almost all the VPS companies advertise 99.99% hosting uptime, but only a few of them can meet their commitment. Without the real experience with a VPS provider, it’s nearly impossible to get the right evaluation.

However, based on our editors’ real experience, those top VPS hosts are well-known in strong reliability, including BlueHost, JustHost, HostGator, etc.

NO.6 Webpage loading speed

Webpage loading speed is as important as uptime because it can directly influence the user experience on reading through the website. Generally, if a web page loads slower than 1 second, about 15% users would go elsewhere. If a page loads more than 2 seconds, about 70% users would give it up.

NO.7 Storage

The storage decides how many files can be stored on your website. If you wants your website have a long term development and share lots of pictures and videos on it, you’d better considering choosing a large one. Usually, the web hosts list the specific number to you for every plan, and it is no longer “unlimited” like shared web hosting at all.

NO.8 Control panel

A good control panel helps you easily manage the websites via a visual web interface, but usually the license is not cheap for the VPS provider. Take examples, the VPS license of cPanel costs $320 for a year, and the Plesk costs $250 for a year.

Some VPS companies offer a barebone VPS node for cost saving, but it’s hard to 90% of the users. Before giving a vote to a cheap one, double check whether and which control panel is offered.

NO.9 Price

VPS hosting price is considered to be more affordable than dedicated server, which usually prices from $20/mo to $100/mo based on the features. It’s not the cheaper the better, but if you’re starting a new website, why not choosing the cheapest offer which can meet your basic requirement?

NO.10 Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee is also an essential term. If you feel any unsatisfied with a VPS host, this guarantee helps you get the money back, especially when you need to pay for a long billing cycle at the first time.