VPS VS Cloud Hosting – The Common and Difference

VPS VS Cloud Hosting – The Common and Difference

Nov 15, 2014

When it comes to delivering a website, VPS hosting and Cloud hosting are becoming increasingly popular. However, as newcomers in web hosting industry, it is easy to mix the two terms together. If anyone wants to choose a suitable hosting plan from the two, the first step is to figure out what is their similarities and difference, and then pick out the one that fits their demands.

In order to help readers know the two hosting terms in an easy and quick way, we write the comparison – VPS VS Cloud hosting and deeply analyze their commons and differences based on costs & resources, scalability, management & security, as well as performance. In addition, at the end of the article, we give professional advice on which one should you choose according to the various demands.

The Commons between VPS and Cloud hosting

Tracing back to the root, VPS and Cloud hosting are based on the same theory. Both utilize virtualized environments and resources from one hypervisor. As there are a lot of virtualization methods can be applied, the type of virtualization entirely depends on the service provider and based on which the varieties are produced.

VPS and Cloud hosting

The Difference between VPS and Cloud hosting

As different hosting type, VPS and Cloud hosting exist a bunch of differences that make them have different groups of followers. To help people make a suitable and advisable decision between the two, we make a thorough and comprehensive distinction analysis in below.

Server Resources & Costs

Whenever choosing a hosting plan, the first step is to make clear whether the offered resources live up to your demands. VPS means a server is divided into several sections with different allocation of resources. Latter, web hosts make them into different plans and you can choose a suitable one from them. Of course, the price of the plan is based on how many resources it is allocated.

ResourcesOn the other side, Cloud hosting allocates resources to cloud computing based on your demands, which means you can get the exact amount of disk space, bandwidth, as well as CPU. Then, the hosting provider will charge you according to how many resources you consume. If compare the two hosting types???prices with equivalent virtual resources, then, VPS hosting is more affordable.


All VPS plans come with preset amount of resources; therefore, if you need more room, there is nothing you can do but to upgrade the plan through the permission of your hosting provider. However, things work totally on the other way if you choose Cloud hosting. You can get a new database, virtual server, or any other resources by a few clicks through the administrator panel. Thus, in regard to scalability, Cloud hosting is a big winner.


Reputable often offer reliable and fast VPS hosting service. Since servers working independently, websites hosted on one server are not likely to be negatively affected by the downtime and slowness of its neighbors. However, if the server you are using is down, undoubtedly, your site is down.

PerformanceDifferently, Cloud server hosting is a server gathering that are connected together. Once the server you are using fails, your site will be transferred to another server immediately without any downtime. Thus, in regard to reliability, Cloud hosting is a better choice.

Management & Security

VPS hosting is easy to manage because it comes with root access that allows users to manage the allocated server section by choosing the operating system and installing any wanted software. As for security, the servers in VPS plans are working independently just like a , which makes it safe.

However, if you choose Cloud hosting, you will have less control over your servers due to hosting providers preset the operating system and install software as they wish. In addition, the security level is largely controlled by the hosting provider, which limits the hosting security.

Which One Is a Better Choice?

To be honest, both hosting packages are worth trying for ever-increasing websites. However, due to their different advantages, the two hosting services attract different potential customers.

VPS is more suitable for small-to-medium sized websites because of cheaper price and flexibility, while Cloud hosting is better for business or big cooperation websites for higher scalability and performance. If you intent to choose a Cloud hoting, visit here to get the best one. However, if you prefer VPS hosting, then, the options in the following table are right for your.