VULTR Global Cloud VPS Hosting Review

VULTR Global Cloud VPS Hosting Review

Jan 25, 2015

Since its foundation, VULTR is focused on providing integrated cloud hosting products and services to customers around the world. But till now, VULTR is not so famous and popular as it expects to be. Some webmasters many hear about VULTR, but few of them have a good understanding about it.

In order to meet the needs of some webmasters, we make the VULTR review carefully by collecting a lot of real user comments and digging out some important hidden information most prople may ignore. Considering that VULTR has a confusing hosting plan setting and provides three types of plans like SSD cloud server plans, multi core plans and SATA storage plans, we select the SSD cloud plans to present VULTR.

Plans & Pricing

priceAs mentioned above, VULTR specializes in cloud VPS hosting. At present, it releases six SSD cloud server plans that include different features. The considerate company offers two optional payment periods including annual hourly and monthly payment. We list the detailed pricing information in the table below.

Plan Hourly Price Monthly Price
Plan1 $0.007/hr $5.00/mo
Plan2 $0.010/hr $7.00/mo
Plan3 $0.022/hr $15.00/mo
Plan4 $0.052/hr $35.00/mo
Plan5 $0.104/hr $70.00/mo
Plan6 $0.186/hr $125.00/mo

To be honest, the pricing level is acceptable but slightly higher than the average level in the market. And the hourly plans are attractive for some webmasters who just want to test to have a try on VULTR. However, customers need to pay extra money for additional services and features, or they cannot successfully run servers and websites.

As for payment, VULTR supports three payment methods: credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin.


featuresAccording to prices, VULTR equips the six SSD cloud hosting plans with different features. The cheapest plan has only 1 CPU, 768 MB memory, 15GB SSD disk space and 1000GB bandwidth, which is far from enough even for small-traffic websites. When customers need more storage, they are required to pay extra money. Detailed information are listed as follow: $0.02/GB in North America, $0.10/GB in Australia, $0.02/GB in Europe and $0.05/GB in Tokyo.

Other features are also listed as below:

  • Network Locations: Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, New Jersey, Miami of North America; Amsterdam, London, France, frankfurt of Europe; Tokyo and Australia of Asia-Pacific region.
  • Operating System: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows 2012, Custom and Snapshot.


performanceWe can hardly find much information of VULTR’s performance because it indeed has limited users. As you may know, VULTR utilizes data centers that are located in different countries and regions, which brings convenience especially for overseas customers.

But in fact, not all data centers are well-equipped and have the capability to meet most users???needs. Many customers complain that they ever encountered serious downtime for some unknown reasons. Only users who use Chicago data center say that they are basically content.

Speaking of speed, VULTR has a lot to improve. Customers reflect that they are surprised to find that the response speed of VULTR servers is slower than the average speed of hosting industry. The response time is usually beyond 700ms. As a professional VPS hosting provider, VULTR is not qualified especially in performance.

Technical Support

supportProbably technical support of VULTR is the worst one we have seen till now. Customers are provided with only two ways to get help: knowledge base and ticket system. The VULTR knowledge base only includes some frequently asked questions, and most of them are about the type of its products and services. Therefore, it is a tough task to find solutions of some professional and technical problems.

VULTR ticket system is awful too. Till now, the status bar of Existing Ticket is blank. It seems that there are few customers who take advantage of this support. It is no exaggeration to say that the VULTR support performs practically no function. We’d like to remind readers to take technical support seriously, because it is inevitable to encounter some technical issues no matter which host you choose.

Conclusion – Not Recommended!

After reviewing VULTR from every aspect, we think it is not a good try for most customers. It is not budget-friendly and has limited features. Moreover, the performance is barely satisfactory. Terrible technical support is another potential issue. Therefore, we prefer to recommend other reliable hosting companies like BlueHost, HostMonster and InMotion Hosting.