Vultr VS Linode – Which Is More Reliable and Cost-Effective?

Vultr VS Linode – Which Is More Reliable and Cost-Effective?

May 10, 2015

Vultr, found in 2014, is a VPS servers and SSD cloud hosting service provider. Owning up to 14 optimized locations across the globe, this hosting company sets out a mission to provide fast and reliable installation servers for web site owners and developers. Linode, firstly launched in 2003, so far has been a noticeable brand in the VPS hosting world. This company is proud to re-define the whole cloud hosting industry with untiring zeal in the pursuit of excellence.

Fairly speaking, Vultr and Linode share a lot in common, which makes it a bit difficult to choose between the two companies. At this place, we’d like to analyze and compare the two VPS hosting solutions from those top-concerned aspects, including price, performance, features and customer service. Now, let’s move on and have a quick look at the editorial ratings in below.

Rating Vultr Linode
Reputation rating 2 rating 2.5
Price rating 2.5 rating 2
Features rating 2 rating 2
Performance rating 2.5 rating 2.5
Technical Support rating 2.5 rating 2.5
Conclusion Not Recommended Not Recommended

Plans & Pricing Policy

In a nutshell, Vultr VPS hosting service is comprised of six packages, which are distributed with different resources. As for pricing, this company charges the plans either on an hourly or monthly basis. For instance, its intro-level plan is regularly priced at $0.0007/hr or $5/mo. Note that, there is no promotional discount here, and any users overuse the specified bandwidth will be fined at least $0.02/GB.

Vultr VS Linode - Plans & Pricing PolicyComparatively, Linode is included with up to nine VPS hosting plans that are named after the allocation of RAM. The pricing policy of this company is quite similar to its competitor, and each plan is also built on both hourly and monthly billing cycles. Taking the primary Linode 1GB plan for example, this company charges any purchasers for $0.015/hr or $10/mo.

Control Panel & Features

Here comes the most important aspect -the usability and built-in features. Although Vultr claims to offer a better user experience, it makes use of a custom control panel that has limited features. When it comes to Linode, this company only allows their customers to manage website stuffs via the command line, without supporting any control panel. As such, neither of the two companies is a good match for webmasters who desire a user-friendly and pleasant user experience like cPanel does.

In regards to the features, we make out a comparison table of Vultr and Linode by selecting their basic plans. In the meanwhile, the VPS-1000S plan from InMotion Hosting is also instanced in the following part. Below are the detailed resources offered by those hosting providers.

Features Vultr Linode InMotion Hosting
CPU Core(s) 1 1 2
RAM Storage 768 MB 1 GB 4 GB
SSD Disk 15 GB 24 GB 60 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 1000 GB 2 TB 2 TB
Free Domain Name No No Yes
cPanel Control Panel No No Yes
Refund Guarantee N/A 7 Days Anytime
Original Price $5/mo $10/mo $59.99/mo
Discount N/A N/A 50%
Current Price $5/mo $10/mo $29.99/mo
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Network Stability & Performance

Another issue that needs mentioning is the network stability. Both as cross-international companies, Vultr and Linode have multiple data centers worldwide. However, there is no detailed information about their “high-quality” infrastructures, which is quite ridiculous and self-contradictory. As a matter of fact, the actual uptime from the two providers couldn’t be compared with some award-winning companies like InMotion Hosting whose uptime approximates to 100% as below.

Network performance is one of the features that you should make a priority. To figure out the actual speed of Vultr and Linode, we have tested multiple websites hosted on both the two companies. The result of our speed test shows that neither of the hosting providers is up to the mark, and Vultr obviously boasts its service.

Customer Service

Vultr VS Linode - Customer ServiceCustomer service is also non-ignorable in choosing an excellent VPS hosting solution. Unlike most high-efficient hosting companies, Vultr only allows customers who run into troubles to contact the support representatives via email ticket. To tip it off, this web host has been blamed for having a chronic problem with supplying reliable email service. Even submitting a ticket request for an additional IP address sometimes would take days rather than hours.

In contrast to its rival, Linode does support phone call support, but the strong accents of their customer executives still remains to be a problem for non-native English speakers. Plus, some of their on-site support technicians are attested to be absentminded even during the conversation.

Final Thought

From this Vultr VS Linode review, we can make a conclusion that neither of Vultr and Linode is recommended for webmasters who are in search for a rare combination of unmatched reliability and affordability. In the following table, there are the top VPS hosting companies, all of which offer rich features, outstanding performance and timely support at a reasonable price.