WebFaction VS Linode – The Better Choice for Developers

WebFaction VS Linode – The Better Choice for Developers

May 31, 2015

Established in 2003, WebFaction is a UK-based web hosting company who uses SoftLayer data centers to provide their global users with fast and stable hosting service. This company focuses on offering services for developers. They provide all users with access to shell.

Linode has been engaged in cloud hosting since its inception in 2003. This company claims that they are good at fixing issues, which means they can offer convincing technical support. All their services are on the basis of Linux operating system.

What About Their Hosting Solutions?

PriceWebFaction offers a single cloud hosting plan at $8.5/mo and $9.5/mo for yearly and monthly purchasing. With regard to add-on services, $5/mo is charged for extra 50 GB disk space, $5/mo for extra 300 GB monthly bandwidth, $7/mo for 512 MB memory and $5/mo for an additional dedicated IP address.

Linode, comparatively, includes nine VPS packages whose prices range from $10/mo to $960/mo. Two billing cycles are offered – hourly and monthly. $0.02/GB is available for your exceeding monthly bandwidth and a quarter of your hosting package fee is used to backup your data.

How About Their Features and Resources?

In the following table, WebFaction plan and Linode1GB plan are selected to make a side-by-side feature comparison. In order to show you whether the two companies are rich-featured or not, we also choose the primary VPS plan of InMotion.

Features WebFaction Linode InMotion Hosting
Plan in Review WebFaction Plan Linode1GB VPS-1000S
RAM 512 MB 1 GB 4 GB
SSD Disk 100 GB 24 GB 60 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 600 GB 2 TB 2 TB
CPU 4 cores 1 core Maximum
Control Panel Barebone Barebone cPanel
Backup No $2.5/mo Free
Free Ads Credits No No Yes
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 7 Days 90 Days
Price $8.5/mo $10/mo $14.99/mo
How to Claim Link Activation

WebFaction does not make any commitment for backups of user’s sites, which means users have to take responsibility for backing up their own data. Linode asks for a price of $2.5/mo for the backups in their first plan.

What about Their Advantages over Each Other

It offers 60 days money back guarantee which is relatively longer than Linode. That is to say, the new customers of WebFaction can feel safer with the hosting services than the other.


  • Linode promises 99.9% uptime for network connectivity and our monitoring team has confirmed their words.
  • This web host claims to offer their customers 24×7 professional technical support and they are honest to their promise. This company allows their users get assistance with multiple channels, such as phone call, live chat, as well as email ticket. Their experienced support staffs are well-trained and are capable of fixing all kinds of server problems.

What about Their Disadvantages?


  • Low Reliability. As it claims in their official websites, WebFaction does not promise the completeness or existence of any backups, which means their customers need to take more time to do backups by themselves Also, this company doesn’t guarantee 99.9% uptime.
  • Unstable Speed. WebFaction has three data center locations, involving Singapore, Amsterdam and US. But frankly, they are not as fast as what they should be expected. Sometimes users can get wonderful hosting experience with lightning speed, but conditions of slow speed are not rare.
  • Limited Support. Only email is available for users of WebFaction to get help, which is low efficient. Perhaps one of the reasons that this company get bad comments for technical support can be put to lack of phone call and online chat.

Slow Speed. This company locates their seven data centers in three regions, including North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, hoping to offer fast speed. But many users have complained about the slow speed and latency.

Final Thought

It is not hard for us to make a summary that neither WebFaction nor Linode is good choice for developers who are looking for cost-effective hosting solutions. The following alternatives can be better options.