WebHostingBuzz Review ???How About WebHostingBuzz VPS Hosting

WebHostingBuzz Review ???How About WebHostingBuzz VPS Hosting

Dec 25, 2015

WebHostingBuzz releases various hosting products and also takes everything into consideration. That can satisfy the needs of websites in any sizes. To help readers have a better understanding of this company, we make this WebHostingBuzz review to reveal the secrets of its VPS hosting service.

This company was founded in 2002 and has been trusted by millions of webmasters worldwide. With a collection of hundreds of real customer reviews, we find that WebHostingBuzz VPS hosting has received mixed reviews.

The Voice of Customers

WebHostingBuzz VPS hosting is Recommended!

A lot of customers think highly of WebHostingBuzz VPS hosting because of the satisfactory uptime and support. Also, some of them regard WebHostingBuzz as an affordable VPS hosting provider.

WebHostingBuzz Positive Customer Reviews

Stay away from WebHostingBuzz if you wish your website to go wrong!

The other faction regards WebHostingBuzz as the worst hosting company due to the super slow page loading speed. Some regular customers of this company are satisfied with this company in the beginning. But now, they cannot stand it anymore because the support service and hosting reliability is going downhill.

WebHostingBuzz Negative Customer Reviews

What Does WebHostingBuzz VPS Hosting Offer?

Starting at the price of $14.95/mo, WebHostingBuzz offers affordable VPS hosting solutions to meet the needs of websites in all sizes. There are 7 VPS hosting packages with a wide range of prices and resources available for webmasters. Those solutions can suit the budget of every customer.

  • VPS1 ???Pricing at $14.95/mo, VPS1 includes 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 20GB disk space, 250GB bandwidth and 1 IP address.
  • VPS2 ???Pricing at $29.95/mo, VPS2 includes 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 40GB disk space, 500GB bandwidth and 1 IP address.
  • VPS3 ???Pricing at $44.95/mo, VPS3 includes 2 CPU cores, 3GB RAM, 60GB disk space, 750GB bandwidth and 2 IP addresses.
  • VPS4 – Pricing at $59.95/mo, VPS4 includes 2 CPU cores, 4GB RAM, 80GB disk space, 1000GB bandwidth and 2 IP addresses.
  • VPS5 – Pricing at $74.95/mo, VPS5 includes 2 CPU cores, 5GB RAM, 100GB disk space, 1250GB bandwidth and 2 IP addresses.
  • VPS6 – Pricing at $89.95/mo, VPS6 includes 4 CPU cores, 6GB RAM, 120GB disk space, 1500GB bandwidth and 4 IP addresses.
  • VPS7 – Pricing at $104.95/mo, VPS7 includes 4 CPU cores, 7GB RAM, 120GB disk space, 1750GB bandwidth and 4 IP addresses.

And also, each server comes with the most user-friendly cPanel to make everything as easy as possible. Select the most suitable VPS hosting package according to personal needs. Both credit card and PayPal are allowed for the payment.

WebHostingBuzz Customer Service

WebHostingBuzz promises to answer all requests via live chat within 10 seconds. To verify whether WebHostingBuzz technical support is responsive, we have tried to contact the support staffs via live chat but cannot get a reply after a few hours. As the complaints of many customers, WebHostingBuzz support service is not professional indeed. No phone support is available for webmasters.

WebHostingBuzz Uptime and Speed Test

Since all VPS users attach great importance to hosting performance, WebHostingBuzz utilizes world-class data centers and invests a lot on the maintenance of all facilities.

Date Centers and Networks

WebHostingBuzz utilizes two data centers to place all VPS servers, which are located in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX. Both data centers are SAS 70 Type 2 certified. Each date center comes with the support of N+N network redundancy, Cisco powered core network and staffed 24×7 monitoring.

Also, this company cooperates with several well-known bandwidth providers, like Cogent, Level3 and nLayer to guarantee sufficient supplies of bandwidth.

Report of Uptime and Speed

Before making this review, we have tested the uptime and server response time of WebHostingBuzz. The result is shown as below.

WebHostingBuzz Review VPS Uptime

Accordingly, there is no downtime occurring during the 30-day monitoring. WebHostingBuzz can also achieve fast response time. Honestly, this company has the ability to host all websites in a reliable hosting environment.

Final Thought ???Should You Go with WebHostingBuzz

The analysis of WebHostingBuzz VPS hosting prices, resources, features, control panel, technical support and performance is included in this review. We can find that this company allocates rich resources to each server as well as enables an affordable price for each solution. However, the poor support service disappoints customers a lot.

If there is a need to search for a VPS hosting company with great support and cost-effective VPS hosting, the following companies should be considered. Those all achieve excellent uptime and speed.