WebHostingBuzz VS HostGator on Managed VPS Hosting

WebHostingBuzz VS HostGator on Managed VPS Hosting

Aug 5, 2015

Having browsed over 200 hundred reviews to WebHostingBuzz and HostGator, we find that both companies are praised by most customers. That makes it hard to tell which web host is more trustworthy. Here, we would like to reveal the answer in the WebHostingBuzz vs HostGator, which is just about an in-depth managed VPS hosting comparison of those two web hosts.

Comparison on VPS Hosting Reliability and Performance

Reliable hosting environment makes everything run smoothly, which is regarded as an essential element of a quality VPS hosting service. Besides, the fast page loading speed is also of great concern. Before making this comparison, we have tested the uptime and speed of two companies.

WebHostingBuzz Data Centers and Networks

WebHostingBuzz uses three US-based data centers, which are located in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix. This company places all VPS servers in the Atlanta data center and Dallas data center, covering 20,000 to 70,000 sq feet. The use of multiple generators and UPS systems guarantees redundant power supply. The uptime report of WebHostingBuzz is shown as below.

WebHostingBuzz Uptime VPS

HostGator Data Centers and Network

HostGator can achieve 99.99% uptime as well according to a real uptime test as below. All VPS servers are located in the Provo, UT data center (covering sq. ft.) and Houston, TX data center (covering 300,000 sq. ft.). The UPS battery backup units and N+1 diesel generators guarantee redundancy of both data centers.

VPS Hosting Speed

By using robust servers, both companies have the ability to shorten the data delivery time between website and servers. That makes a big improvement on page loading speed. The server response time test indicates that HostGator performs much faster than WebHsotingBuzz.

  • WebHostingBuzz server response time: 625ms
  • HostGator server response time: 338ms

Here comes the real test for HostGator server response time.

What’s in Each VPS Hosting Package? ???Price, Special Offers and Resources

Both companies offer various VPS hosting solutions with a wide range of prices and resources.

VPS Hosting Price and Special Offers

WebHostingBuzz has 7 VPS hosting packages (VPS1 ~ VPS7), pricing from $14.95/mo to $104.95/mo. Those solutions are designed for websites in different levels, like individual blog, business sites, ecommerce site or corporation official site. No special discount is available here.

HostGator develops 5 VPS hosting solutions (Snappy 500 ~ Snappy 8000), regularly starting at $19.95/mo. For customers going through the following promotional link, a 40% discount is activated automatically. That makes the price down to $11.97/mo. Such affordable price is valid for 1/3/6/12-month billing.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

HostGator also includes an array of freebies in each plan, like site builder, website transfer, domain transfer, dozens of scripts and thousands of website templates.

VPS Hosting Resources and Control Panel

Each VPS server of WebHostingBuzz and HostGator is allocated with sufficient resources. In the following table, we list the main features of two elementary solutions and both are fully managed VPS hosting packages. That helps to make a decision on which company enables more possibilities for the hosted sites.

Feature WebHostingBuzz HostGator
Plan in Comparison VPS1 Snappy 1000
CPU Core 1 1
Disk Space 20GB 60GB
Bandwidth 250GB 1TB
Control Panel cPanel cPanel

They integrate each solution with cPanel to make everything much easier. Note that, the HostGator Snappy 500 is a semi-managed VPS hosting package, which does not come with cPanel. That is Virtuozzo only.

WebHostingBuzz VS HostGator ???How About Their Technical Support?

According to our real experience on the technical support of WebHostingBuzz and HostGator, we get a result as below.

WebHostingBuzz cannot answer all our requests in time

The commitment of WebHostingBuzz is outstanding 24×7 support via live chat and ticket system. We try to contact their support staffs via live chat and enter all personal information as required. Disappointedly, no reply is sent to us even after a few hours.

HostGator offers award-winning support and answers all questions in time

HostGator support staffs are happy to hear from webmasters. Various communication methods allow clients to ask for help effectively, including live chat, phone, email and ticket system. Once sending out a request, webmasters can get a valid solution promptly. In addition to the responsive support service, HostGator experts keep updating web hosting tutorials and FAQs on the support center.

Verdict: WebHostingBuzz VS HostGator ???HostGator Wins

WebHostingBuzz and HostGator both develop a wide range of VPS hosting solutions to meet the needs of different sites. They also allocate sufficient resources to each plan. As HostGator can guarantee higher performance and more responsive technical support, this company is recommended here.