WebHostingPad Review ???How About WebHostingPad Linux VPS Hosting

WebHostingPad Review ???How About WebHostingPad Linux VPS Hosting

Aug 30, 2015

Established in 2005, WebHostingPad has been in this industry for 10 years. This company is comprised of a group of professional experts who are specialized in web hosting development. Since many webmasters lacking understanding of the company’s VPS hosting, we make this WebHostingPad review to deliver the accurate information.

What’s in the Deal?

VPS Hosting Plans and Price

WebHostingPad develops three VPS hosting packages for individuals, businesses and enterprises. Those solutions are fully scalable and perfect for websites with different sizes. Start with an analysis of WebHostingPad VPS hosting plans and price, and then make a decision on which plan should be in consideration. WebHostingPad VPS hosting is valid for monthly, quarterly and semi-annually billing terms. The detailed price information is shown as below.

Billing Cycle Beginner Professional Premium
Monthly $29.95/mo $44.95/mo $59.95/mo
Quarterly $24.95/mo $39.95/mo $54.95/mo
Semi-Annually $19.95/mo $34.95/mo $49.95/mo

Also, WebHostingPad releases extra three advanced plans for the webmasters who are looking for a VPS hosting with more possibilities. The plans include Super, Ultra and Managed, which are starting at $59.95/mo, $69.95/mo and $99.95/mo for the 6-month billing term.

If there is a need to register a new domain on WebHostingPad, customers should pay for $14.95/year for domain registration. Note that, the account setup is free of charge. Three payment methods are available here, including credit card, PayPal and Alipay. Customers are allowed to cancel accounts and ask for a refund within the first 30 days.

VPS Hosting Resources

WebHostingPad VPS hosting comes with cPanel. That is the most powerful control panel trusted by millions of webmasters worldwide. In this way, customers can take full control of the VPS server. Multiple advanced features are included in cPanel, which allow users to get traffic statistics, manage FTP accounts, install applications or do anything in a simple manner.

In addition to the user-friendly control panel, each solution includes rich resources. WebHostingPad allocates sufficient disk space, bandwidth, memory and IPs to each hosted site. That makes website building much easier. The resources allocation for each plan is shown in the following table.

Feature Beginner Professional Premium
Disk Space 20GB 80GB 160GB
Bandwidth 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Guaranteed Memory 1GB 2GB 4GB
Dedicated IPs 1 2 3
Full Root Access Yes Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Yes Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes Yes
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel

Each solution comes with unlimited domains, databases and email accounts. There is no need to worry about the shortage of server resources. WebHostingPad VPS hosting is featuring backup solution and free IPTables Firewall. That makes a big improvement on website security.

WebHostingPad Review on Uptime

WebHostingPad guarantees 99.99% uptime. This company locates the data center in Chicago, which is powered by redundant infrastructures. Cooperating with Tier-1 providers, WebHostingPad makes sure that each hosted website is connected with the network all the time. Also, the uninterrupted power solutions deliver continuous powerful to server hardware.

The security systems work around-the-clock. That can detect any issue once it is happening. The fire suppression plays an important role in eliminating dangerous case and extinguishing fire in time. The cooling system guarantees optimum temperature to all facilities.
Based on a 30-day uptime test, we find that WebHostingPad fails to achieve 99.99% uptime. Below is the uptime and server response time report of WebHostingPad.

Is WebHostingPad Technical Support Responsive?

We have tested WebHostingPad technical support service before making this review. When we try to contact the support staff via live chat, we get a response in a few seconds. After chatting with the support staff for about 3 minutes, we get a valid solution. In addition to live chat, webmasters can ask for help via email and phone. Those communication channels are available from day to night.

WebHostingPad Support Center includes rich hosting resources, in terms of register, ticket submit, knowledgebase and news.

  • Register ???The step-by-step guide helps users register for a new account on WebHostingPad.
  • Submit a Ticket ???Webmasters are encouraged to submit a new issue to any department of WebHostingPad, including Sales, Billing, Support, Marketing, and so on.
  • Knowledgebase ???Include categories of frequently asked questions. Each comes with a detailed answer.
  • News ???List all news items and announcements of WebHostingPad. That delivers the latest and accurate information about this company.

Summary ???Is WebHostingPad VPS Hosting a Good Option for You?

WebHostingPad has a group of professional support staffs who can help customers solve any issue in time. As for VPS hosting resources and price, WebHostingPad cannot compare with some competitors like what we’ve listed a below. Also, those companies can achieve higher performance than WebHostingPad.