What is VPS and Why You Go VPS?

What is VPS and Why You Go VPS?

May 21, 2014

Nowadays, many people email to our authors for detailed instruction of VPS plan, thus, we write an article to tell them, newbies in particular, what is VPS and the reasons for using it. With the growing of website traffic and business, many webmasters feel shared web hosting can no longer meet their needs. Site managers want more control over their servers, disk space, RAM, and higher secure level.

Of course, a dedicated server can meet all these requirements perfectly. However, dedicated solution often comes with a high price. Under this condition, VPS plans are offered by many hosting companies as a combination of shared server and dedicated server.

What is VPS?

VPS is the short name for virtual private server, which simulates dedicated server within shared web hosting environment. VPS appears as a combination or more specifically a compensation of shared and dedicated plans. The former is inadequate for medium-sized and fast growing company while the latter is too expensive to afford for most webmasters.

VPS ServiceUnder normal conditions, VPS plans are divided into two categories: managed and unmanaged. Managed one often offers you a control panel and responsive technical support while unmanaged plan doesn’t provide them. You need to control everything yourself and, as a result, you get more control on your server.

If you are experienced webmasters and have rich knowledge in server configuration and managing, then, you can choose an unmanaged solution. However, if you are not, managed one is a better choice. Naturally, as managed plans consume more resources in hosting companies, they are more expensive than unmanaged plans.

Why You Need VPS Plan?

Although a VPS plan is a little bit expensive than a shared package, it is worth the additional fees. In the following, we list several obvious advantages and convenience that VPS plans can bring you.


Cost-effectivenessOnce you have purchased a VPS plan, you can take up an independent room on a server including fixed amount of disk space, RAM, and data transfer. You have right to do anything you want within the allocated room and no need to worry about interference from neighbors. The service offered by VPS package is quite similar to that of a dedicated plan, but the price is much cheaper.


VPS plans are equipped with the high level of security guarantee. Besides, as customers have their own independent server space, it becomes more difficult for hackers or malicious users to approach private files and damage security.


Every VPS user has full root access to virtual servers. In this way, people can configure their server as they want; no matter it is to install software or framework. What’s more, if you choose an unmanaged plan, you can even choose your control panel as you wish.


PerformanceWhen utilizing a shared server, hosting companies may oversell the resources. As a result, uptime and speed can’t be guaranteed. Even if a hosting company doesn’t oversell the resources, it is very possible that someone overuses the resources on shared server and cause long downtime and low speed to your website. However, if you choose a VPS plan, the problem will no longer exist. Everyone just mind their own business and no mutual interference.


Many websites???traffic rise and down seasonally such as food websites, tourism websites, wedding websites, and many more. These websites need additional resources in a particular period while in ordinary days, they need less room. Then, VPS plan is the best choice for these site owners, which allow them to add and reduce virtual machines anytime they want.

Best VPS Hosting

After reading the whole content above, we do believe you have realized what VPS is and what is special for VPS plans. Then, if you are looking for VPS solutions, we carefully pick out three best VPS hosting for you as below. Note that all of their plans come with rich features, cost-effective price, 100% uptime, fast speed, and responsive technical support.